The story of efitter

efitter was started by two women with the same mission.
Our story starts circa 5 years ago...
Strap in.

October 2019
🤝 Joining forces
Judith and Elizabeth met in high school and kept in touch on social media. Fast forward seven years, Judith started posting about the world of fashion retail on her Instagram. Elizabeth, who worked at a SaaS startup supporting some of Europe’s top fashion retailers, occasionally chimed in with her hot takes. The two reconnect and decide to build the future of fashion together.
February 2020
🎙️ The FIT by efitter
Right before the world stopped, Judith and Elizabeth launched “The FIT by efitter”, the U.K.’s first fashion, innovation, and technology podcast. They've since featured guests including Eshita Kabra-Davies from By Rotation, Josephine Philips from Sojo, Cameron-James Wilson, the creator of the world’s first digital model, and fashion sustainability activists Swatee Deepak and Devi Leiper O’Malley. They've also cracked the top 5% of global podcasts while they were at it.
April 2021
🚀 efitter launches
They launched the efitter Sizing Solution in beta on the Google Chrome Webstore on Earth Day 2021. Behind the scenes, they reshuffled our development team and started our hunt to build a team that understood what we were trying to achieve. Our community of over a thousand efitter Tribe members fueled our growth exclusively by word-of-mouth. To relive the organised chaos of launch day, check out their live Q&A episode where they answered questions from the efitter tribe about the process of launching a product.
November 2022
📏 Find your size with 11 retailers
They spent the following year and a half improving the efitter size prediction function and supporting more retailers so customers can find their perfect fit wherever they shop. They have helped their customers reduce returns due to poor fit over 3,000 times and you can shop with efitter on 11 websites including Zara, H&M, Uniqlo, and M&S. Want to see the full list of retailers they support? Check out efitter's brand directory.
"We are proud to have built a product that reduces returns due to poor fit, helping retailers reduce the cost of returns and the impact of unsold items on the environment. Now we’re excited to continue our journey of revolutionising fashion retail. We have rebranded and are working more closely with retailers to predict what kinds of items shoppers will buy next.

You've heard our story, it's now time for you to join the revolution."
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