How it works

Follow our step by step guide to download and use the efitter browser extension, or watch our how-to videos here.

Download efitter

📝 Step 1

Download our browser extension

Download the efitter Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store and install it on your browser.

📝 Step 2

Sign in with your Gmail account

Sign up for an efitter account with your Google email address and permit us to scan only your order confirmation emails.

📝  Step 3

Click "load your emails"

This is when the magic happens. efitter uses your past orders to predict your size. Once all your relevant previous orders are found and loaded, the extension will let you know when you're ready to shop!

📝 Step 4

Now you're ready to shop with your favourite brands

Shop on your favourite online stores. The efitter chatbot will pop up on supported stores offering size recommendations and information about product materials to help you buy for keeps.

Step 5

Step 5

Shop with efitter

When you open the product page of an item you like, the efitter chatbot will pop up and analyse the item's sizing information, as well as your own preferences and shopping history, to provide you with a personalised size recommendation. You can also ask the chatbot for more information about the item's material, fit, and care instructions.

Watch our how-to videos!

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